skin hydrating booster 30ml

skin hydrating booster 30ml

skin hydrating booster 30ml

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  • Description

    A super-saturated hydrating fluid that smooths and minimises fine lines.

  • Product details

    A super-saturated hydrating fluid for the driest of skin conditions that intensely moisturises thirsty skin as it smooths and minimizes fine lines.  Contains no artificial fragrance or colour.
    skin condition

    All skin conditions.
    how to use

    Squeeze a small dose onto fingertips and massage gently over face and throat.  Follow with prescribed Dermalogica moisturiser.  For more sensitized skin conditions, mix with prescribed Dermalogica moisturiser then apply to face and throat.
    how it works

    Hyaluronic Acid provides increased hydration and improved elasticity to thirsty skin.  Panthenol aids in skin repair and hydration.  Nutrient-rich Algae Extract helps restore moisture balance while softening skin.  Apply all over, or as a spot treatment to fine lines around the eyes and mouth.

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